Wanting to Cook After Watching Cartoon

If somebody asks me why I had the sudden interest in Chinese style cooking, I would say because I just watched the whole series of Chuka Ichiban or Cooking Master Boy; a Japanese anime. Actually my Mom did ask me that recently but I don't think she had any idea what I was talking about. Poor Mom!

>Is it so strange to be unexpectedly interested in the best cookware available in the market? Just after Mao defeated all the evil chefs in the Imperial City? Yeah, I guess it is kind of strange. Anyhow, the modern cookware are nothing like those portrayed on the show. Where anyone can get a magical pot in this universe?

But in similarity, good cookware defines in some ways the end results of the dishes prepared. The modern copper set reminds me of one scene in Chuka Ichiban and knowing that I could actually get a ceramic cookware set made me chuckles. 

And I'll bet Mao invented the non stick cookware.

 Nightmare in the Kitchen

I have been planning on hosting a dinner at my crib for almost a month now. I took time to plan out the menu of the night so that my guests will have a great time and also great food. I love to cook. But this is my first time cooking at this kitchen as I have just moved out from my parent's place. So everything in this kitchen is brand new. I even paid a bomb for the best kitchen knives. 

The nightmare began the moment I started cutting the chicken meat for the salad with fried chicken strips. The knives were simply unusable. They were so blunt and it does not feel right in my hands. 

Cutting became a real nightmare. It was just so hard to cut anything. I felt so stressed up because I am really behind schedule and my guests will be arriving any time now. Right now, all I want is a sharp knife to save me from this nightmare!